Duniway Surplus

We have a lot of surplus equipment. Check out our eBay store for a sampling of what is available or contact us directly at 650-969-8811 or info@duniway.com.


Items below are either refurbished parts, new discontinued parts at special pricing or new one off parts (ex: cancelled special orders).  

Duniway part# Description Price Request Image
SR-18-200 Silver-Plated Studs (5/16-18 x 2.00"), 25/pkg. Coarse Thread. $18.00
F1000-000N CF Flange, 10.00" OD, Blank, Non-Rotatable. Only 3 at this price! $290.00
I-580-275 Nude Bayard-Alpert Ion Gauge, Broad Range, Single Iridium Filament, Type VI, 2.75" CFF. $550.00
NOF-088 Edwards Aluminum Inline Electrically Actuated KF40 Valve $950.00
NOF004-AluminumBaseA Alcatel A series aluminum base- no rubber feet (MPN#52639) $25.00
NOF004-AluminumBasePascal Alcatel Pascal series aluminum base – no rubber feet $30.00
NOF004-Clamp Alcatel A series aluminum intake/exhaust clamp (MPN#52646) $15.00
NOF004-MotorAdapter Alcatel A series American motor aluminum adapter $25.00
NOF004-MotorHandleAdapter Alcatel A series aluminum motor handle adapter $20.00
NOF004-PlasticBaseA Alcatel A series plastic base - no rubber feet $20.00
NOF171-Brew Used Brew Furnace with 8" hot zone $2,000.00
NOF171-SSTChamber Used Stainless High Vacuum Chamber with some accessories $3,500.00
NSAM-050-KF16 Surplus NorCal Manually Actuated 1/2" Stainless Steel Angle Valve with KF 16 Port Flanges $180.00
RBLT-Ulvac-10 Ulvac PST-05C 10 l/s Standard Diode Ion Pump $300.00
RPE-080STD Rebuilt PE-Style Standard Diode Ion Pump, 80 l/s, 8.00" CFF w/Magnet $900.00
VAAM-075-KF16 Surplus Varian Manually Actuated 3/4" Aluminum Angle Valve with KF 16 Port Flanges $180.00