Duniway Trademarks

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Alcatel® Alcatel Vacuum Technology Octoil CVC Products, Inc.
Apiezon® M&I Materials, Ltd. PEEK Victrex
Baratron® MKS Instruments, Inc. PentaVac 5 Duniway Stockroom Corp.
C5-A® Henkel Corporation Porta-Test Varian Vacuum Products
Celvaseal Meyers Vacuum Posi-Trap® Mass-Vac, Inc.
Conflat® Varian Vacuum Products Pyrex® Corning, Inc.
ConvecTech Instrutech, Inc. Santovac® Monsanto Co. Corp.
Convectron® Brooks Automation SodaSorb® WR Grace
Convoil CVC Products, Inc. StarCell® Varian Vacuum Products
Dow Corning® Dow Corning Corp. Teflon® E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
Duxseal® Parker Hannifin Corp. Terranova® Duniway Stockroom Corp.
Epoxy-Patch® Henkel Corp. Ti-Ball Varian Vacuum Products
Fomblin® Solvay Solexis Trivac® Balzers und Leybold
Galaxy® Duniway Stockroom Corp. Visi-Trap® Mass-Vac, Inc.
KF® Leybold Vacuum Products, Inc. Vacion Varian Associates
Kovar® Carpenter Tech Corp. VCR® Swagelok Co.
Krytox® E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc. Viton® Dupon Performance Elastomers
Inficon Inficon GMBH Welch® Welch Vacuum Technology
Loctite® Henkel Corporation WOB-L® Welch Vacuum Technology