Mech Pumps


We also offer Mechanical Pump Rebuilding Services for a wide variety of mechanical pumps. Click here to see additional info and pricing.
Pumps below are subject to availability.  Click here to see pumps that are on the shelf and ready to go!


Duniway part# Description Price Request Image
KINNEY-KDH-150 Rebuilt Kinney KDH-150 Mechanical Pump, Motor, Base & Guard, 4245 L/M, 150 CFM, 1 Stage, 7.5 HP $5,500.00
KINNEY-KT-150 Rebuilt Kinney KT-150 Mechanical Pump, Motor & Guard, 4245 L/M, 150 CFM, 1 Stage, 7.5 HP
KINNEY-KT-300 Rebuilt Kinney KT-300 Mechanical Pump, Motor & Guard, 8490 L/M, 300 CFM, 1 Stage, 15 HP
KINNEY-KT-500 Rebuilt Kinney KT-500 Mechanical Pump, Motor & Guard, 13980 L/M, 494 CFM, 1 Stage, 30 HP
KINNEY-KTC-112 Rebuilt Kinney KTC-112 Mechanical Pump, Motor & Guard, 3170 L/M, 112 CFM, 2 Stage, 7.5 HP $7,600.00

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