Rebuilding Services

Ion Pump Rebuilding Process

  1. Open Pump & Remove Elements
  2. Disassemble Elements Completely
  3. Clean Stainless Steel Parts
  4. Replace Titanium and Tantalum Parts
  5. Clean and/or Replace Ceramic Parts
  6. Vacuum Degas all Metal Element Parts
  7. Reassemble Elements
  8. Install the Elements in the Clean Body
  9. Leak Check
  10. Bake-Out on Vacuum Manifold
  11. Check for leakage current
  12. Pinch off Seal
  13. Clean Exterior
  14. Check for Leakage Current

Read about our Galaxy® cathode design which provides stable pumping speed for air without sacrificing overall pumping speed.

Please complete our HAZMAT form and forward to for an RMA# prior to shipment to Duniway Stockroom Corp.

Duniway part# Description Price Request Image
REBG-EDWARDS Rebuilding Service Edwards EP-100, 100 l/s Diode pump $1,350.00
Duniway part# Description Price Request Image
REBG-EDWARDS15 Rebuilding Service Edwards 15 l/s, Diode $620.00
Duniway part# Description Price Request Image
REBG-EDWARDS30 Rebuilding Service Edwards 30 l/s, Diode $900.00

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