New Edwards-Style Pumps


New Ion Pump Build Process

  1. Acquire New Parts to Specifications
  2. Clean Parts for Surface Contamination
  3. Bake Ceramic Parts
  4. Vacuum Degas all Metal Element Parts
  5. Heli-Arc Weld Body and Feedthrough
  6. Leak Check Welded Body
  7. Assemble Elements
  8. Install the Elements in the Clean Body
  9. Leak Check
  10. Bake-Out on Vacuum Manifold
  11. Check for leakage current
  12. Pinch off Seal
  13. Clean Exterior
  14. Check for Leakage Current
Duniway part# Description Price Request Image
DS-EP30-0 New Edwards-Style 30 l/s Ion Pump, 4.5" OD CFF, No Magnet $1,430.00

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