Viton® Conflat Gaskets

Viton gaskets, with a flat cross-section, are convenient for use in applications requiring frequent reassembly.  They are not intended to be permanent seals.

All Duniway Viton® o-rings (KF Fittings) and gaskets (Conflat) are vacuum degassed in our dedicated vacuum degassing oven.  The Viton® products are baked under vacuum at a temperature of 150C for four hours which reduces the outgassing rate of Viton® from a few times 10­-7 torr-liters/sec/cm­­­­­2 to a few times 10-10 torr-liters/sec/cm2.  Storage in a dry atmosphere retains most of the benefits of vacuum degassing.

Viton Gasket Crossection


VG-0133-5 Viton Gaskets for 1.33" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 0.838", 5/pkg
VG-0275-5 Viton Gaskets for 2.75" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 1.895", 5/pkg
VG-0338-1 Viton Gasket for 3.375" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 2.425", 1/pkg
VG-0450-1 Viton Gasket for 4.50" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 3.243", 1/pkg
VG-0458-1 Viton Gasket for 4.625" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 3.598", 1/pkg
VG-0600-1 Viton Gasket for 6.00" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 4.743", 1/pkg
VG-0675-1 Viton Gasket for 6.75" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 5.567", 1/pkg
VG-0800-1 Viton Gasket for 8.00" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 6.743", 1/pkg
VG-1000-1 Viton Gasket for 10.00" OD CF Flange, Gasket OD 8.743", 1/pkg

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